Best For Confidence

How good to hear from wise Emily that trust in the truth may do a body better than anything else.

#780, c. 1863

The Truth — is stirless —
Other force — may be presumed to move —
This — then — is best for confidence —
When oldest Cedars swerve —

And Oaks untwist their fists —
And Mountains — feeble — lean —
How excellent a Body, that
Stands without a Bone —

How vigorous a Force
That holds without a Prop —
Truth stays Herself — and every man
That trusts Her — boldly up —

A friend of mine once advised, “Don’t be afraid to know what you know.” This has broad application. It relieves the pressure to convince. Just know what you know. Trust that a body without a bone, which is a secure knowledge of the truth, needs no other confirmation than itself. That carries the day every time. It may take time, but the truth will out. Always.

Just as I was beginning to succumb to a belief in other forces that assault truth, the poet lets me know that truth is stronger in the long run. We’d all do better to concentrate our energies on that fact. Truth, although not always the loudest voice in the room, does speak consistently and therefore with the greatest strength. The rest is foolishness. Like so much chattering of monkeys.

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